Water Castle Taman Sari

Taman Sari means beautiful park. It is about ten minutes walking from the Sultan Palace southwestward. This park was built by Sultan Hamengku Buwono I in 1757. He created a new style that was a mixture of Javanese and Portuguese Architecture.

Taman Sari was once a beautiful and sophisticated water park. The area around the park eastward until the city quarter called “Kampung Segaran” was once full of water. This area is now called Suryoputran. Segaran is a Javanese word means manmade or artificial sea. Every time the Sultan visited the park, he went there by rowing a private canoe through the suspension bridge called “Kreteg Gantung” which lay in front of the palace gate, southward or northward Kemandungan.

The remainder of the building which was once connected by that suspension bridge can still be seen nowadays. Besides water transportation, there was also underground passage or alley from the Kraton Yogyakarta leading to one of the park building which is called Pasarean Ledok Sari.

The castle once has a place for relaxation and entertainment as well as a unique defense system. While the water was not only to beautify the park, but also functioned as a secret weapon in avoiding danger.

The lofty building such as the pond were built especially for the Sultan and his family to bathe. The underground passage led to the west area, and the bulwark which encircled the area of the palace, as well as the one which led southward to a small village called Krapyak, have already been restored.
While enjoying the old and ancient building, tourists can also visit many art shops and galleries along the alleys.