Prambanan Temple

The biggest and the most beautiful Hindu’s temple in the world. Built around 9th century by Rakai Pikatan from the Dynasty of Sanjaya. There are 3 temples at the complex of the sanctuaries. The biggest temple is called Candi Siwa, and 2 other smaller temples are called Candi Brahmana and Candi Wisnu.

Candi Siwa widely known as the temple of Rorojonggrang which has 47M high. The relief of Ramayana story carved on the wall of Candi Siwa.

Trimurti is worship of a Trinity of Gods: Siwa, Wisnu and Brahma. Siwa is the God of Destroyer, Siwa is also the Supreme Master called Siwa Mahaguru. Brahma is the builder of the universe and Wisnu is the preserver for the peace of the world.

Ramayana Ballet

Ramayana Ballet presented by approximately 200 professional artists at the open air theater. originally performed on the open stage with the sparkling Prambanan Temple at night as a backdrop from the month of May up to October. During November to April performed at the Trimurti covered theater.

Enjoy romantic evening at Prambanan Temple and amazing performance in a crystal clear of the night.