Dieng Plateau

Passing through tobacco plantations and beautiful mountain scenery, we will see the place where the utterly distinctive archaeological site lies. The oldest Hindu temples of Java erected in this area, the small monument with not more than 50 feet high, are spreading over the sumptuous crater floor, emphasizing by the presence of several starkest Shiva temples in more than a 6.000 feet elevation.

Dieng Volcano Complex consists of Butak Petarangan and Dieng, belongs to 3 regencies named Wonosobo, Banjarnegara and Pekalongan, Central Java. In historical time, three eruption sites had been found in Timbang (Butak Petarangan), Pakuwaja and Kawahsileri.

Butak Petarangan complex consists of a crater-lake named Telogo Dringo and Condrodimuko’s fumaroles area. It’s a 2222 m high strato volcano, located in Banjarnegara Regency.

Dieng complex is a volcano complex located in Wonosobo Regency, Central Java. The highest peak is Mounnt Prahu about 2565 m high.
It consists of several cones ( Bismo, Srojo, Binem, Pangonan, Merdodo, Pagerkandang, Nogosari, Petarangan, Telogo Dringo, Pakuwaja,Kendil, Kunir and Prambanan) and lots of fumaroles area such as Kawah Sikidang, Kawah Sigajah, Kawah Kumbang, Kawah Sibanteng, Kawah Upas,Telogo Terus,Kawah Pagerkandang, Kawah Sipandu, Kawah Siglagah and Kawah Sileri. Pakuwojo and Kawah Sileri craters are known to have erupted in historical time.